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Guided Visits to the Park

Since 1996, the Côa Valley Archaeological Park offers guided tours in all-terrain vehicles open to the general public (see Educational Services for school visits) to three of the main sites with Paleolithic rock art in the area: Canada do Inferno, Penascosa and Ribeira de Piscos.

The guides that accompany the visits have specialized training in rock art.

The three sites are located at the heart of the Côa river valley, accessible by dirt tracks.

  • Price

    16,70€ per site and per person

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  • Visits depart from different locations

    – Côa Museum to Canada do Inferno;

    – Côa Museum to Ribeira de Piscos;

    – Reception Center at the village of Castelo Melhor to Penascosa.

  • More information

    Through the numbers +351 279 768 260* / +351 965 778 799** or email

  • How to make a reservation

    To guarantee a visit to the Côa Valley, we recommend you to make a reservation through the following numbers: +351 279 768 260* (option 1) / +351 965 778 799** or email

    In the reservation request, you must mention the date for the visit, the place, the number of people and a phone number.

    *national telephone calls
    ** national mobile telephone call

Rock Art Sites Open to the Public

Canada do Inferno


Ribeira de Piscos

Guided Visits

The visit system to the rock art sites aims to combine the conservation of the art and landscape with an authentic and pleasurable experienceFor logistical and conservation reasons, there is a limit of visitors per day / site, taking into account the specificity of each one. All tours are guided and carried out on the Park’s (or its partners) all-terrain vehicles

See Rules of Conduct for more information regarding visits.









Canada do Inferno

Visiting hours are chosen according to the best natural light, in order to maximize the visualization of the rock art motifs. The sites of Canada do Inferno and Ribeira de Piscos are visited only during the morning, when the panels are illuminated by the morning sun. On the contrary, engraved panels at Penascosa, located on the right bank of the river, are in the shade during the morning, reason why this site is visited only in the afternoon. Night Visit is only available at Penascosa.

This way, and also taking into account the average duration of each visit, on one working day it is not possible to visit more than two sites with rock art, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon.



The degrees of difficulty of the three sites vary. Penascosa is the easiest visit, with a straightforward and a short path. Canada do Inferno is also an easy visit, presenting a somewhat higher difficulty, having a longer and more demanding walking path, involving stairs. Ribeira de Piscos is a medium difficulty visit, with a long and sinuous route, not recommended for those in poor physical shape or with locomotion difficulties.

Visit to the Park

Ribeira de Piscos

The Côa Valley is a very dry region where high temperatures can be reached, particularly in summer. It is frequent for temperatures to vary significantly among the plateau zone, where villages and the Côa Museum are located, and the bottom of the valley, where the visits are carried out. Moreover, shaded areas are scarcer in the bottom of the valley. It is recommended the use of comfortable clothing and footwear, suitable for the season and climatic conditions. In the summer, it is strongly advised hat, water and sunscreen, due to the risk of sunstroke, dehydration or sunburn. In winter or rainy weatherraincoat is recommended.


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