Rules of Conduct

The Côa Valley is an area of great natural and scenic beauty. In order to have an enjoyable visiting experience, and because rock art is a fragile non-renewable resource, visitors are asked to observe the following rules of conduct when visiting the rock art sites:

  • Do not touch the rock art panels

  • Do not use any object that could jeopardize the integrity and conservation of the engraved panels. Thus, the use of umbrellas is discouraged, and the use of raincoats on rainy days is suggested

  • It is advised that visitors bring a hat, water and sunscreen

  • Do not smoke or make fire

  • Leave the visited sites as found, bringing back any kind of carried disposable materials (empty water bottles, etc.)

  • Do not harvest any type of plant, animal, archaeological or geological specimen

  • At all times follow the instructions provided by the guide, a professional with many years of experience working at the Côa Valley

  • Scrupulously observe the time and place of departure indicated when booking the visit

  • Foresee the need to use the bathroom before the visit starts, as this equipment does not exist at the rock art sites

  • It is allowed to photograph the sites and the rock art. Photography for commercial purposes, as well as featuring the guides, must be previously authorized

  • The visit group may include other visitors

  • Visits to rock art sites are forbidden to pets

  • Visits to rock art sites are not advised for children under 3 years of age or during pregnancy

  • The Côa Museum, its architecture and surrounding area fit into the landscape that can be enjoyed during the visit. However, we ask all to pay the utmost attention to the prohibition of staying or walking on the roof of the building, except in the viewpoint area, as well as to the proper disposal of any waste