As an immense open-air gallery, the Côa Valley features more than a thousand outcrops with rock art, identified in over 80 different sites, predominantly from the Upper Paleolithic, some 25,000 years ago


Scenes from the daily lives of Paleolithic Artists from the Côa Valley


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Digital renovation of the Coa Museum

Digital renovation of the Coa Museum

In rooms A, D, E, F, and G new virtual and augmented reality devices were installed aimed at an easier reading of the Côa Valley rock art ...

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The Douro Before you

The Douro Before you

The “cause” for this current exhibition, “The Douro before you”, is the urge for a hymn, an homage to the Douro people, its places of recollection, the childhood years of the Artist himself - Sobral Centeno.

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