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Kayak Visit

In a stunning setting, combining physical activity with leisure, rock art with fauna and flora, explore the Côa River by kayak!

This activity crosses the heart of the sacred valley of successive generations, an area that integrates the National Ecological Reserve. Departing from Canada do Inferno or Fariseu, where recently discovered the largest outdoor engraving, a 3.5 m aurochs, during the meandering journey in river, it is possible to observe several engraved panels as well as the existing biodiversity, in addition to immemorial aurochsen, horses, goats or deer engraved in the schist. Different species can be spotted, namely birds such as griffins, black storks, Egyptian vultures or royal eagles, endemic plants and, with some luck, one of the otters that make the Côa their home.

After the visit to Fariseu, the place chosen for a reinvigorating picnic that offers a tasting of regional traditional products. Before lunch, the most enthusiastic can experience the waters of the Côa in a refreshing dive. This is an exclusive visit that allows to experience, in close contact with nature, the vast heritage of the Côa Valley.


  • Price

    40€* (adult)

    20€* (children until  12 years old)

    * Some visits to the Côa Valley are subject to a minimum cost. For more information, please contact the Côa Park Foundation’s reservation service.

    Check our complete price list

  • Additional Information

    For each visit, 7 kayaks will be made available for a maximum capacity of 13 adults + 7 children (5 to 12 years of age).

    Each kayak accommodates 2 adults + 1 child.

    All kayaks are equipped with paddles, seats, safety vests and waterproof bag for storing personal belongings.

    The visitor will travel in their own car until Canada do Inferno’s site, after complet the ticket purchase process at the Côa Museum.

    A motor boat will accompany the visit.

    Bring clothing and footwear suitable for river activity, hat, water and sunscreen.

  • More Information

    Through the numbers +351 279 768 260* / +351 965 778 799** or email visitas@arte-coa.pt


  • Season

    June through September

  • How to make a reservation

    To guarantee a visit to the Côa Valley, we recommend you to make a reservation through the following numbers: +351 279 768 260* (option 1) / +351 965 778 799** or email visitas@arte-coa.pt

    In the reservation request, you must mention the date for the visit, the place, the number of people and a phone number.

    *national telephone calls
    ** national mobile telephone call

  • Illustrative Video

    See here a kayak visit in Côa Valley


  • 09:15

    Departure from the Côa Museum


  • 09:30

    Security / paddling / program briefing

    Beginning of the kayak guided tour, with information on the region’s biodiversity

  • 10:30

    Observation of rock art (from the water), in Canada do Inferno and Vale Figueira sites


  • 11.30

    Visit the engravings of the Fariseu rock art site

  • 12:00

    Tasting of regional products

  • 14:30

    End of visit

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