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Night Visit

This visit to the Penascosa rock art site is similar to the one carried out during the day, in the rocks and motifs observed. The night visit intends to create the best possible conditions for a rewarding enjoyment of the Côa Valley Paleolithic rock art.

By focusing a strong light from a low position on the engravings, creating light / shadow effects, it is possible to highlight motifs, making them “emerge” from the rock surface. By moving the incidence of the light, it is also possible to emphasize certain motives in relation to others by “isolating” them in the apparent confusion created by the intentional superposition of motifs, a very typical representation technique in Paleolithic art.

The easy and safe access to the visitable rocks of the Penascosa site, in the placid and serene environment of this Côa beach, make this site ideal for this particular type of visit. Full moon nights are particularly pleasant, especially in the warm nights of the Côa region, frequent between spring and autumn, rendering the river noticeable and the hills stand out.

  • Price

  • Duration

    About 2h00

  • Hours

    At the end of the day, with the last sunlight. Hence, exact departing times vary according to the season

  • Place of departure

    Park’s Reception Center at the village of Castelo Melhor.

    This village is located 15 kms from Vila Nova de Foz Côa, via EN 222, towards Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo (GPS: N 41º 01 ‘31.7’ ‘/ W 7º 04’ 00.2”)

    The visit is carried out in a jeep driven by a Park guide.

  • More information

    Through the numbers +351 279 768 260* / +351 965 778 799** or email


  • How to make a reservation

    To guarantee a visit to the Côa Valley, we recommend you to make a reservation through the following numbers: +351 279 768 260* (option 1) / +351 965 778 799** or email

    In the reservation request, you must mention the date for the visit, the place, the number of people and a phone number.

    *national telephone calls
    ** national mobile telephone call

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