Ribeira de Piscos

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Ribeira de Piscos

The Ribeira de Piscos rock art site is located at the mouth of this creek with the left bank of the River Côa, in the municipality of Vila Nova de Foz Côa, parish of Muxagata.

The tour starts at the Côa Museum aboard an all-terrain vehicle along with a guide. After passing through the village of Muxagata, visits follow a dirt road for some 6 km. For the final section, a walk of about 1100 meters takes visitors to the last of the visited rock art panels.

  • Price

  • Total walking distance

    About 2200 meters.

    Difficulty: medium-high

  • Route

    The route chosen for public visitation includes five engraved rocks.

  • Duration of the visit

    About 2h30

  • Place of departure

    Côa Museum, on the outskirts of Vila Nova de Foz Côa. The museum is about 3 kms from the center of Vila Nova de Foz Côa, accessible via tarmac road. (GPS: N 41º 04’ 47.5’’ / W 7º 06’ 44.4’’)

  • When

    In the morning, every day except closing days

  • More information

    Through the numbers +351 279 768 260* / +351 965 778 799** or email visitas@arte-coa.pt

  • How to make a reservation

    To guarantee a visit to the Côa Valley, we recommend you to make a reservation through the following numbers: +351 279 768 260* (option 1) / +351 965 778 799** or email visitas@arte-coa.pt

    In the reservation request, you must mention the date for the visit, the place, the number of people and a phone number.

    *national telephone calls
    ** national mobile telephone call

In this site 42 engraved rocks are known, 27 of which with Paleolithic representations, located in the left margin of the creek and around its mouth to the Côa. The tour includes five rocks.

The walk is compensated by some of the most important examples of Paleolithic rock art in the Côa Valley. Among these are the entwined horses of rock 1 or, in rock 2, one of the rare human figures of Paleolithic chronology known in the Park, the famous Man of Piscos. The walk also offers unique scenic views and great wealth of fauna and flora.

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