Visita à Penascosa

Ribeira de Piscos

0 out of 5


Manhãs – 6 km + Percurso pedestre de 2200m – 5 rochas – dificuldade média


Morning – 16km + 1100m walk – 5 rocks – medium/high difficulty

The visit begins at the Côa Museum. It is followed by an all-terrain vehicle, with a guide, along a road for 17 km (12km on road + 5km dirt) through the fields planted with almond and olive trees.

Due to the costs of the displacement of the cars, there is a minimum price to the departure of the tour: 40€ (Canada do Inferno / Penascosa) and 60€ (Ribeira de Piscos). However, when the minimum price of the tour is reached, we apply the discounts according to the price list above.