Côa Park Foundation

Established in March 2011, to manage the Côa Valley Archaeological Park (PAVC) and the Côa Museum, the Côa Park - Foundation for the safeguarding and valorization of the Côa Valley, also called Côa Park Foundation, has as main purpose the protection, conservation, research and divulgation of the Rock Art, classified as World Heritage - UNESCO 1998, and other archaeological, scenic, cultural and natural heritage in the area of the Côa Valley Archaeological Park.

The major objective of the Foundation is, through the archeology ongoing cultural project, promote the integrated development of the region, joining partners and private economic agents, highlighting the importance of the cultural economy and its contribution to the welfare of the country.

The original founders were IGESPAR, ARHNorte, the Regional Tourism Organization of Douro, the Côa Valley Association of Municipalities and the Municipality of Vila Nova de Foz Côa.

The management of the PAVC and the Museum pretends that all occurring cultural activities become the driving forces of an economic and social development plan of the Douro region and the country, combining heritage with the economy, leisure and knowledge, research and tourism, multiplying by this means the employment, helping to renew life of the region.

Making the management of the cultural project of the PAVC and the Museum to be evaluated in a positive and balanced way (from environmental, scientific and financial points of view) are present concerns, thus intending it to become gradually sustainable.

Documents of the Foundation

Privacy Policy

International Tender - Technical and Scientific Coordinator for the Coa Museum and Coa Valley Archaeological Park - 2018

Appointment of the Directing Council of the Côa Park Foundation - 2017

Appointment of the Interim Director of the Côa Park and Museum - 2017

Patrimony of the Côa Park Foundation

Dispatch on current coordination and management

New Administration of the Côa Park Foundation (Order 12766/2014)

Regulation of the Côa Museum

Nominal Relation of Responsibles

Plan of Activities - 2013

Plan of Activities - 2014

Plan of Activities - 2015

Plan of Activities - 2016

Plan of Activities - 2017

Strategic Plan - 2018-2022

Report and Accounts - 2012

Report and Accounts - 2013

Report and Accounts - 2014

Report and Accounts - 2015

Report and Accounts - 2016

Report of Activities - 2014

Report of Activities - 2015

Report of Activities - 2016

Report of Activities - 2017

Human Resources 2018

IES 2015

IES 2016

IES 2017

Social Balance Sheet

Announcement of the Council of Ministers on July 29, 2010

Decree-Law establishing the Côa Park Foundation (DL. n.º 35/2011 of 8 March)

Statutes of the Côa Park Foundation - 2010

Statutes of the Côa Park Foundation - 2017

Institutional Acts

Collective Person Identification of the Côa Park Foundation

Map of employees and Nature of Contrat - 2013

List of Transitions and Maintenances under Article 8 of Decree-Law No. 35/2011

Responsibles nominal list

Other Documents

UNESCO Diploma on the World Heritage Sites of the Côa Valley and Siega Verde

Law on Cultural Heritage (Law n.º 107/2001 of September 8)

Law on Foundations (Law n.º 24/2012 of 9 July)

Law on Portuguese Museums (Law n.º 47/2004 of August 19)

Regulation of Archaeological Works (Decree n.º 164/2014)

Classification as National Monument (Decree 32/97 of July 2)

Creation of the Special Protection Area of the Côa Valley Monuments (Announcement 15168/2010 of July 30)

Changes in the Classification as National Monument (Announcement 13471/2012)

Changes in the classification of the group of archaeological sites in the Côa Valley (Decree 6/2013 of May 6)

Accreditation of the Côa Museum in the Portuguese Museum Network (Order 7115/2014)

Certificate of Accreditation in the Portuguese Museum Network

Diploma of the Douro Architecture Prize 2013-2014

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