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ROOM D. The Archaic Sanctuary

A Sanctuary is a landscape given shrine-like significance by cave art. At the Côa site, it is also the centre of the oldest art: a vast natural amphitheatre, with the river running through it, and decorated by deeply etched engravings of the oldest Palaeolithic phase.

Two large-scale interactive projections highlight some of the most significant sets of art of Penascosa and Quinta da Barca, which also display the most original traits of the Côa art: the invention of movement in a single figure. the intentional superimposition of figures, and the use of the highest portions of the vertical panels.
       One such example is illustrated here: the Pyrenean goat with two heads from the small Rock 3 of Quinta da Barca, which is one of Côa’s most prized engravings.

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