Côa Museum wins APOM awards

Côa Museum wins APOM awards

Côa Museum – winner of the Education and Cultural Mediation Project, awarded by the Portuguese Museology Association (APOM), with the project “Serviço de Educação e Mediação Cultural do Museu e Parque Arqueológico do Côa“.

“The Education and Cultural Mediation Service of the Côa Park Foundation” was created in 2010 and constitutes one of the main focuses of the Strategic Plan of the Côa Museum. In 2010, with the opening of the Museum, an Educational Action Plan (PAE) and a Cultural Programming Plan were drawn up defining objectives and activities. Cultural Mediation is based on these two aspects, with the main goal of valuing, disseminating and animating the Art and Archaeology of the Côa Valley, classified as World Heritage in 1998.

In 2019 the Côa Museum became the twenty-first “Centro de Ciência Viva” – (Live Science Circuits) of the country, thus assuming the commitment to promote scientific culture, interdisciplinary, to the general public, with special emphasis on the younger generation and the school population”, to promote the experimental teaching of sciences in primary and secondary education and the organization of scientific dissemination campaigns aimed at the general public. This value of the Côa Park Foundation as a Ciência Viva Centre aims to give visibility to the Educational Services of the Côa Museum, either through the training of its regular educational offer,  through the implementation of new “hands-on” and “minds-on” activities and experiences, with new workshops, games, etc. In this way, in each of the main axes of the Côa Museum – Ciência Viva Centre, other areas of knowledge such as biology, geology, natural sciences, anthropology, physics, chemistry, astronomy, geography, agriculture can also be explored.

In partnership with other similar entities such as the Faia Brava Natural Reserve, managed by the “Transumância e Natureza Association”, the “Ciência Aberta Platform” (Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo) and the “Centro de Interpretação Ambiental e de Recuperação Animal” (Torre de Moncorvo)”, we developed, since 2019 an integrated program that involved the “Côa na escola” Project, the 2nd School Exchange Program “Mistérios do Ribacôa“, the Côa Valley Science Festival, the Summer Live Science Network Program, the Kayaking activity at the Côa Valley Archaeological Park and the Live Science Circuits”.

Congratulations to the whole team for this new accomplishment.