Discovering the Côa Valley

Each player represents a tribe, who wants to settle in the Côa Valley, knowing that it offers excellent conditions to live. But they all want the same place.

So, they decide to hold a tournament, where the winner can have the desired place. The rules of the tournament are set by the Elders, who decide that the winner should be the tribe who demonstrates to possess more knowledge. Tribes thus have to answer a number of questions. The winner is the one who answers more questions correctly. The game unfolds on a giant board in which the participants are the pawns.


  • Price

    3,20€ per participant – School Groups

    4,20€ per participant – General Public


  • Target Audience

    Children older than 6 years of age and families

  • Participants

    Minimum number of participants: 4

    Maximum number of participants: 12

  • When

    Monday to Friday

  • Duration

    About 1h

  • Information

    For bookings please use