Fariseu – Electro solar boat

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This year, travel in an electro solar boat down the Côa River and access areas of the Côa Valley Archaeological Park never visited before.

The boat built with sustainable materials, moved by solar energy, intends to give a more sustainable answer to the Côa Valley visit.

Throughout 4 km stretch on the Côa River, between Canada do Inferno dock and Fariseu site, visitors have the opportunity to visit the Côa rock art, and observe the landscape and discover important aspects, such as: the fauna (nesting sites of migratory birds), the flora, the agricultural mosaic, includes the Mediterranean trilogy of cultures (almond, olive and vine) and the vernacular architecture (dovecotes and windmills).

Note: This tour in Côa River include a visit to Fariseu rock art engravings.

Season – May to October

16€ adults
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