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Inauguration of the exhibition The Coa Story at Ulsan Museum, South Korea

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On October 17th, the Ulsan Museum (South Korea) will open the exhibition “The Coa Story”, promoted by the Ulsan Museum, in partnership with the Côa Parque Foundation. This exhibition evokes the so-called ‘Côa Miracle’ which led to the cancellation of the construction of the Côa dam, in an international movement led by young students from Vila Nova de Foz Côa Secondary School. It should be noted that the important Bangudae Petroglyphs, which the authorities of that country intend to list as a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, have been suffering from the negative impacts of rising / lowering waters of a dam built before the discovery of the rock art, in the mid-1970s.


Data: October 17, 2019
Event CategoryExposição


Local: Ulsan Museum
Address: Ulsan, Korea, Republic of


Organizador: Ulsan Museum