Exhibition “Alto das Malhadas – Vivências da Idade do Bronze”

Exhibition “Alto das Malhadas – Vivências da Idade do Bronze”

28 October – 8 January

Vila Nova de Foz Côa Cultural Centre

It presents the first results of the archaeological excavation at Alto da Malhadas (Pocinho), through the presentation of archaeological objects found during the works, such as potsherds, lithic and metallic tools and faunal remains.

There is a virtual presentation of the several moments of the excavation and na interactive map of the regional Bronze Age archaeological contexto.

Finally, there are several digital games one can access through a computes or using one’s mobile phone, via QR code.

The exhibition is part of the “RARAA – Rock Art Repository on Open Access” project, funded by the Fundação Ciência e Tecnologia. The main promoter is Minho University, in association with the Fundação Côa Parque, and the collaboration of the Vila Nova de Foz Côa Municipality.

The Côa Museum Educational Services and Ciência Viva Centre also collaborate on the educational activities, namely, through guided tours for schools and four workshops:

4 November – Archaology

18 November – Digital photography

30 November – Pottery

16 December – 3D modelling 3D