As an immense open-air gallery, the Côa Valley features more than a thousand outcrops with rock art, identified in over 80 different sites, predominantly from the Upper Paleolithic, some 30.000 years ago


Scenes from the daily lives of Paleolithic Artists from the Côa Valley


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Anthropocene 2021 Forum

Anthropocene 2021 Forum

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education is organizing the ANTHROPOCENE FORUM, at the Côa Museum, from June 15...

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Exhibition “Manuel Botelho: Branco Chumbo”

Exhibition “Manuel Botelho: Branco Chumbo”

The Côa Parque Foundation is pleased to invite you to visit the exhibition entitled "Manuel Botelho: White Lead" by the curatorship of Filipa Oliveira, which will be on display in the temporary exhibition rooms of the Côa Museum from 21 November to 14 March 2021.

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