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Departure: Reception Center of Muxagata. This village is 7 kms from Vila Nova de Foz Coa, going by the roads EN 102 or IP2, in the direction of Guarda.

: In winter visits start at 10.00, and in summer at 9.30, there being several during the morning.

Duration of the visit
: about 2h30

Total walking distance
– about 2200 meters, medium difficulty.

Due to the very high temperatures reached in the summer, it is strongly recommended the use of a hat and sunscreen, and also of comfortable clothing and footwear. Each visitor should carry enough water for himself.

We recommend previous booking!

General Information

The site of Ribeira de Piscos lies in at the meeting of this creek with the left bank of the river Côa. The visit starts in the Reception Center of the village of Muxagata. The visitors go on an all-terrain vehicle, with a guide, about 6 km on a dirt road. Parked the car, you need to walk about 1100 meters, until the last of the visited rocks.

At this site 42 engraved rocks are recorded, 27 of which have Paleolithic representations, located on the left bank of the creek and around its mouth, along the Côa. The tour includes five engraved rocks. Exceptionally, one can also visit the remarkable rock 24.

The walk is compensated by some of the most important examples of Paleolithic engraving in the Côa Valley. Among them we highlight the interlaced horses in rock 1 or, in rock 2, one of the few human figures of known Paleolithic chronology in the valley, the now famous man of Piscos. The course also presents a great scenic beauty and value in terms of fauna and flora.

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