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The Côa Valley has a landscape that transports us to another time, other dimensions. In full XXI Century Europe, we find ourselves suddenly in a timeless space where our ancestors walked for over 25,000 years. The longing comes to stay longer in this space, to absorb this magnetic landscape. Miles Away, in partnership with the Côa Park Foundation, offers a visit to the Paleolithic rock art site of Penascosa, preceded by a meal (lunch or dinner) in the heart of nature, in a beach along the river Côa.

Meeting Point
Visitor´s Centre of the Côa Valley Archaeological Park, in the Village of Castelo Melhor

Day Program: 12h00 – 17h30
Nocturnal Program: 18h30 – 24h00
During July and August we advise the nocturnal program, due to the very high temperatures in the region

Prices per person
Day Program: 88€
Nocturnal Program: 95€
The presented values are related to a minimum number of six persons (for fewer persons, prices are subject to consultation). They include group transportation from the meeting point, the meal, with appetizers, entree, and dessert accompanied by Port and Douro wines, as well as the guided tour to the  rock art site of Penascosa.

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