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ROOM F. The never-ending story of Côa


        Canada do Inferno, an emblematic site of the Palaeolithic phase at Côa, is essential to understand the evolution of rock art at Vale do Côa. The process that culminated with the classification of the Côa art in 1998 and the memory that exists of the "controversy” that led to the abandonment of the construction of the dam planned for this valley, at the end of 1995, is paralleled in Rock 1, the first to be identified of that decade. The passage traced through time runs from the Magdalenian art of the end of the Upper Palaeolithic, close to the final stretch of the River Côa, to the post-Palaeolithic art produced by communities becoming progressively more sedentary (like that of Vale de Canivães), and the art of the warrior societies of the Iron Age, beside the mouth of the River Côa.

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