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ROOM E. Everyday Palaeolithic life

          The remains of a Palaeolithic habitat in the Côa valley reveal the everyday objects of Palaeolithic man, known as “mobile art”. Excavations at Fariseu turned up more than 60 small stone plates decorated with the fine incisions of animals, signs or simple lines.          
The map of the Iberian Peninsula indicates the sites at which stylistic and technical practices similar to those used in the plates of the Vale do Côa mobile art have been found.
          The various motifs of the ancient phase engravings of Rock 1 at Fariseu have been meticulously defined based on the study of figurative stratigraphy. This panel has been reproduced for public exhibition using laser technology, given its undeniable artistic and archaeological importance in the context of the Côa art and due to the fact that it is underwater and inaccessible to the general public.

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