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Private Operators Visits to the Rock Art Sites

Among the many partnerships that the Côa Park Foundation has established with the community since its creation, the role played by an increasingly expressive group of local tourism companies stands out. These contribute to diversify the offer of visiting offer to this entire heritage located in the territory of the Côa Valley Archaeological Park, that stretches over the counties of Vila Nova de Foz Côa, Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, Meda and Pinhel.

This offer was accommodated to the needs of the commercial operation of the Foundation, through the establishment of individual collaboration protocols. The existence of out of date information and inconsistent data, gave rise to equivocal, iniquitous and inconvenient situations, which are genuinely incompatible with the spirit of impartiality and justice, which should guide the relation of the institution with all partners.

A standard document regulating the activity of these companies, whenever the object of their service is the Côa Museum and the territory of the Côa Valley Archaeological Park was therefore needed.

With the new regulation and the signing of new protocols with private partners, the Côa Park Foundation reaffirms its commitment to the safeguarding, preservation and development of the Côa Valley heritage, the desire to stimulate business activity in the region, of promoting the emergence of new forms of institutional collaboration and the deepening of existing partnerships, subordinating them to the defense of public interest and the sharing of responsibilities, on the basis of trust and loyalty. Also important is the commitment to strengthen the capacity to respond to growing tourism demand.

Hereafter, whenever the visit services of the Foundation receive booking requests for visits to rock art sites, these will be scheduled according to the availability of its internal resources and of its private partners, who shall, for this purpose, carry the sign depicted in the image.

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